Esmell Barrowes

Halfling Bookstore Owner


Female halfling. 23 years old. Lightfoot. Long straight red hair and brown eyes. Soft golden skin. 2’11” with a regular build and a sharp, average face. An abstract tattoo on her right ear and an unfinished tattoo on her right arm to represent her lost family. Doesn’t worship gods and seems to scorn those who do. A romantic who runs the bookstore A Likely Story.


The owner of a bookstore frequented by Rikara, Esmelle was hit on by Dosga when they visited the shop and agreed to meet him for drinks at the High Opera that evening. She seemed quite taken with him and they shared tragic stories of their pasts. She revealed that kobolds are destroyed her village and killed many of her loved ones, and then went on to say that she believed kobolds had infiltrated the government and that those in control of Cheliax and House Thrune were really shapeshifted lizard-people.

Despite this, Dosga was still attracted to her, and invited her back to their secret HQ to stay with him. She seems enthused about helping the cause.

Esmell Barrowes

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