Vreth Rasdovain

Wiscrani Tiefling Sorcerer


A serious (sometimes to the point of being grim) man, Vreth hails from a noble family, so he tends to wear rich robes and bear himself appropriately. A sorcerer with an interest in necromancy, Vreth has a basement laboratory at his family’s estate where he works on his experiments, and has also started building one at the hideout.

Leaves incongruous hooved footprints behind when he walks. Has red skin with strange patterns on it. Bald.


Vreth’s life was turned upside down when Janiven de Santos saw the fateful night he met Dosga, a night that led to him secreting the halfling away in his basement, afraid of reprisals from the dottari or Hellknights for what they had done. He was invited by Janiven to the meeting about the vigilante group, but was unsure about whether he wanted to be involved. Traveling through the sewers as they escaped the Hellknights, he encountered a pile of dead tieflings, possibly an example of ethnic cleansing in the city, a scene which haunted him in several ways. By the time they woke up the next day, he had seemed to make up his mind to help the group.

Vreth Rasdovain

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